Slowly, slowly, catchee monkey

Okay, so the last weekly post was 3 months ago. Where does the time go?! I have excuses, but they are lame. Instead of letting me bore you with them, read on…

Google’s recent acquisition of DocVerse seems like a fairly innocuous feature-add that lets folks who are stuck in desktop software land, imprisoned in the Microsoft Office, collaborate with one another via Google’s own cloud-based Google Apps service. Let’s face it, Google’s own apps for document editing and other office-like features doesn’t blow the hair of your average Microsoftie back very far; yet as the popular press are saying, the above feature would appear to beat even Microsoft’s own sharing capabilities in the upcoming Office 10. Or, could it be that once the process of sharing and collaborating using the Microsoft tools is entrenched via DocVerse’s clever tools, the process of migrating to just using the Google Apps themselves will be that much easier? It would be strangely magical for your intrepid Microsoft Office user to be computer-less, need to make a small change to a document they’ve been working on, and be able to use a web browser and Google Apps to modify the file, just this once. And then one day, maybe your intrepid user would forget to go back to using MS Office at all…

As Google seeks world domination, ‘inconsequential’ purchases like DocVerse can cast strange shadows.

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