Kicking the Facebook habit

The recent excitement concerning Cambridge Analytica’s abuse of 80 million Facebook users’ data reminded me to delete my Facebook account a few weeks back. It’s not the first time I’ve closed my account – the last time was back in 2010 when Facebook were found to be unhelpful and under-resourced for assisting police track down… Read More

Running an effective offsite – Prologue: Why we did it

Recently, we ran an offsite for our C-level team at Bulletproof. In this series of posts, I expand on why we decided to do it and share the wisdom we learned while preparing for, researching, and running it. Finally, ending with what we hope to get out of running offsites. Why we held an offsite.… Read More

Driving Cloud up the Adoption Curve

I attended VMworld 2011 in Las Vegas last week. As a first-timer, the spectacle of Vegas and the size of the event seemed well matched, even though a few thousand folks from the east coast didn’t make it. “Only” 19,000 attended Paul Maritz’ keynote¬†from a previously-suggested 25k. My take on the keynote was that VMware… Read More