Hello, world!

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m new to blogging. Just when I get the hang of it there are so many other ways to communicate with your ‘followers’ out there. I’m already on Facebook and Twitter (see my tweets to the right…) – but for those of us with real lives, how do we find the time to constantly document our lives? And, more importantly, do all those time-poor friends of ours have time to read it all? Or care?

So why am I new to all this stuff? Have I been under a rock? Well, sort of. About nine years ago I started company number two – focused on building the plumbing that all this wonderful web content flows through – and I haven’t popped my head up since. Check it out at www.bulletproof.net.

My aim is to post as often as I can (about weekly, I reckon) on my exploits and thoughts about technology, its part in my downfall, and my part in its downfall. 🙂

Send comments, let me know what you think. If you have time…

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